Advanced Hypothetics
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Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Browne and King
Written by professional editors with plain, straightforward advice about the mistakes that newbie writers make at the word/sentence level and how to clean the amateurishness out of your language. IMO should be read by absolutely everyone who wants to write professionally.

Writing the Breakout Novel by Maas
Written by an agent, describes how to turn boring, self-absorbed fiction of the type that I'm inclined to write into stories that readers might actually want to read. Even though the book focuses on novels, I give Maas credit for the insights that helped me finally start to publish short fiction.

Wonderbook by Vandermeer
A good starter book for people who are thinking about creative writing but don't think they're creative. Talks a lot about understanding the creative process.

Wired for Story by Cron
Bills itself as a book combining writing advice and evolutionary psychology, but for me this book was invaluable for the nuts-and-bolts techniques for how to draw readers into the emotional state of the character and how to communicate emotional stakes.

Story by McKee
Widely seen as the Bible of screenplay writing, this book changed the way that I thought about structuring scenes and how scenes are organized into character arcs and how the character story works. Also describes a good method of outlining using index cards that I've found useful.


Online Writing Workship for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
For a nominal annual fee, this workshop puts you in touch with other people seriously trying to improve their writing. Read stories, send your critiques, post your own stories, get critiques from other writers.

Critters Writers Workshop
Similar to OWW, but free and not as flexible in scheduling. The quality of the critiques is pretty variable, but you get a lot of them.