Advanced Hypothetics
Tom Greene's Vanity Site

Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Short Story "The Narrative of More"
July/August 2015 issue

Reprint of "Zero Bar" in
How to Live on Other Planets Anthology

Interzone #255
Short Story "Monoculture"
Kindle version available from Amazon

In Other Words Anthology (link not yet available)
Short Story  "Drive Carefully"

Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Short Story "Another Man's Treasure"
May 2014 issue

Polluto Magazine
Short Story "Facetime"
Issue #10 "Wage Slave Orgy"

Strange Horizons Magazine
Short Story "Zero Bar"
August 6, 2012 issue

Fear and Trembling Magazine
Short Story "Shift Work"
Spring 2011

Strange, Weird and Wonderful Magazine
Short Story "Turnover"
Spring 2011

McSweeney's Internet Tendency
Short Story "Memo to Imperial Advisers Re: Incident of the 'New Clothes'"
November 2007

The Journal of Popular Culture
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
Article "Tricksters and the Marketing of Breakfast Cereals" Feb 2007